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An app designed for deeper family bonds through open, heartfelt dialogue and meaningful conversations.

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UX Design | Case Study
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/ Overview

In a world woven together by technology, connections often falter at the crucial juncture of heartfelt expression. For many, especially within Asian American families, articulating love and profound emotions proves to be an intricate dance, resulting in unspoken sentiments and emotional distances. Asian American families in the United States often struggle to express warmth and open communication. While 60% of Asian Americans have experienced conflict with a family member due to communication differences, 85% of Asian Americans desire better communication with their parents, although only half feel comfortable communicating openly and honestly. This lack of open communication results iin negative impacts on family relationships.


Individual Capstone Project



UX/UI Designer

UX Researcher

Design Strategy

Brand Identity


10 Weeks (Sept - Dec, 2023)


Figma | Figjam | Adobe CC

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To create Qite, I embarked on an end-to-end design process, guided by the Double Diamond framework, a four-stage design methodology. This journey allowed me to delve into the intricacies of family communication, uncovering key insights that shaped Qite's development. Through this iterative design process, I transitioned from research to the creation of a high-fidelity interactive prototype.


/ Embarking on a Personal Journey

My journey begins with a hypothesis – a belief that Asian Americans encounter difficulties in conveying warmth and fostering open communication within their familial bonds due to a lack of effective communication skills

/ Research & Discovery

Statistics exposing wide emotional divides across generations reinforced my mission to give words to unspoken feelings in Asian American families.


of Asian parents
used less affectionate communication than American parents.



of Asian Americans
desire better communication with their parents. 



of Asian Americans

had experienced conflict with a family member due to communication differences.

Guided by eye-opening statistics, I immersed myself in the heart of the matter. I conducted decontextualized user interview with four Asian Americans unfolded as a unique chapter, weaving the intricate layers of their familial experiences into a rich narrative. Through Affinity Mapping, key insights emerged, categorizing motivations, behaviors, and pain points, guiding the next steps of my journey.

Affinity Mapping.png

"I've been trying to break down the walls and mold them to be a little more agile to express..."


"I wish I was able to openly talk about my problems and issues and have an honest conversation with them..."


"There's a lot of shame in Asian cultures of being weak or being emotional."

Pain Point

/ Main Theme

Upon further analysis, Inter-generational Communication Barriers emerged as the most impactful theme based on user interviews. 

Different cultural communication norms represented the core struggle rather than lack of emotional experience alone. By addressing cross-generational gaps, the solution can enable clearer mutual understanding between Asian American millennials and their parents.

Recognizing the main theme, I embarked on the exploration of the question: 

"How might we help Asian American millennials overcome differences in communication styles with their parents so that they can build mutual understanding and trust?"

/ Persona

From research insights, I crafted Emily, a persona embodying the diverse narratives discovered. Paired with a user experience map, this dynamic duo guides Qite's design journey.

Experience Mapping

/ Stepping into User's Shoes

I authored 30 user stories to grasp their digital desires. From these tales, emerged the Core Epic: Communication Styles. This narrative orbits around fostering meaningful connections, unlocking the power of personalized love language communication for Asian American millennials and parents alike.


Sketches & Wireframes

/ Sketches

Harnessing the power of pen and paper, I translated task flows into visual stories. Drawing inspiration from a carefully curated UI board, these sketches laid the foundation for potential screens and features. Selected solution sketches served as my guide in shaping detailed wireframes.

/ Wireframes & User Testing

User testing guided the refinement of Qite's workflows and interactions, ensuring an intuitive and seamless user experience.

Over two rounds of usability testing, valuable insights were gathered to optimize the app's usability. While the visual design remained consistent. Detailed session output documents and a Design Prioritization Matrix facilitated informed decision-making and prioritization of usability enhancements.

Grayscale prototypes were iteratively updated based on user feedback, refining composition, interactivity, transitions, and the app's core value proposition. 

/ Brand Development

I defined my brand essence with key adjectives - empathetic, rooted, inviting, nostalgic, harmony, safe, and hopeful. This emotional resonance aimed to build family bonds.

The name "Qite" clicked with users while incorporating meaning of harmonizing with the Asian concept of 'Qin' and encapsulating the essence of a 'kite,' symbolizing parental bonds—close yet letting dreams soar freely. The name embodies the warmth of familial ties, capturing the spirit of letting dreams take flight while staying connected.

/ Hi-Fi Prototype

Emerging from the depths of research and branding, the high-fidelity prototype of Qite stands as a testament to the transformative power of emotional communication.

Qite, an app designed to serve as a conduit for Asian American families, empowers them to bridge divides and communicate through the timeless language of love.

Embark on an interactive journey with the tappable prototype below


/ Marketing Website

Communication breeds connections.

To promote Qite's mission of family bonding, I designed a responsive marketing website to convey the inherent values and benefits that Qite brings to its users.

/ The impact of Qite's design intervention

The transformative impact of Qite's design intervention is evident in its ability to foster improved communication and deeper connections within Asian American families.

Qite's personalized love language approach has successfully facilitated a positive shift in family dynamics, leading to strengthened emotional bonds and an enhanced sense of togetherness. The AI feature, acting as a linguistic alchemist, subtly refines messages in real-time, empowering users to articulate their emotions with eloquence and grace ensuring messages resonate and leave a lasting, heartfelt impact, adds an extra layer of sophistication to the user experience, enriching the overall impact of Qite.

/ Tarot Cards of Tech

Given the focus on Asian American families, it's essential to acknowledge that some family members might face challenges in reading English. If they were to use the product, their experience could be less immersive or tailored, potentially leading to misunderstandings or misinterpretations. The perspective missing from product development is that of non-English speakers or those with diverse language preferences. Considering the opposite assumptions, focusing more on multilingual support and ensuring inclusivity in language options would be essential. This shift would enhance the product's accessibility and usability for a broader and more diverse audience.

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 3.42.51 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 3.42.43 AM.png

/ Next Steps

Conduct ongoing user testing sessions to gather feedback on the app's usability, identify areas for improvement, and refine its features to better meet the evolving needs of Asian American families.

Explore additional features for a paid version, such as more personalized prompts and conversational topics beyond the 5 love languages.


Expand Qite's language support to make it more inclusive and accessible to a wider range of users, including those with language preferences.


Consider the development of Qite as a worthwhile endeavor. Connecting with a developer partner to create a Proof of Concept is a future goal


/ Key Learning

As I look back on the Qite design journey, I'm truly proud of what I've achieved and the lessons I've gained. The UX process taught me the power of empathy, fostering a genuinely human-centered approach. While the research phase could have been more robust, the learn-as-we-go mentality allowed for constant refinement. Hearing users say 'I could really use this app' is a powerful motivator. Going forward, I'll carry these insights into future projects, prioritizing empathy and thorough research, striving to evolve into an even more impactful UX designer.

/ Thank You

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